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Creative competition dedicated to the First Republic of Armenia and the 100th anniversary of the May heroic battle

Creative competition dedicated to the First Republic of Armenia and the 100th anniversary of the May heroic battle
Competition organizer:
 "Endanik" Youth Creative Center of SE of the RA launches series of events entitled "100years Triumphant Rings" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian First Republic and the 100th anniversary of the May heroic battle, which also includes a competition of creative works.
Competition goal
To express own ideas on the subject through creative activities
 Works submitted to the competition:
 • Paintings, portraits of national heroes and other works
• Multiple individual or group works in decorative and applied arts
• Essay
• Slide Show
 Contest participants
The competition is open to 8-18 years-old teens from educational and cultural institutions, NGOs, and individual creators.
The contest participants will be divided into the following age groups:
 • 8-13 years old
• 14-18 years old
Contest and Evaluation Procedure:
The contest will be held in two stages.
 For the first phase of works submit in PDF or JPG format to "Endanik" Youth Creative Center’s or to till April 14 of the current year.
The Professional Commission will select the best works for the second phase and for the publication of the newsletter.
In the second phase the participants should submit the original works of the selected until April 21.
The original works will be selected for winning prize places by the Professional Commission.
During the evaluation of works the preference will be given to the originality and quality of the artistic performance of the idea, to the creative approach.
Minimum format of pictures should be A3, maximum A1.
Minimum duration of the slideshow should be 5 minutes and maximum 15.
Maximum peak volume of 2 pages, collected with A4 paper / margins. top 2.5 cm, left 3 cm, right, 1.5 cm, interstitial spacing 1.5 cm, font, Sylfaen, font size 12, numbering, bottom and back.
The works do not meet the specified size will be rejected automatically.
There are no special requirements regarding the formats of decorative-applied arts.
 Terms of submission of works:
For the first stage when sending the work one must keep the following mandatory rules:
1. PDF or JPG files must have the author's name and surname as a file name,
2. The name of the work must be indicated in the e-mail, author's name, surname, age and educational institution / if the work is presented not by the individual, but by the school/ and the means of communication, e. add., telephone number, residence address
3. Name and surname of the teaching profession.
The same information should be posted on the work during the submission of the original work to the second stage.
For the second stage, copies of the original works which passed the frst stage must be transmitted either by mail or by hand to "Endanik" Youth Creative Center of SE of the RA to the following address:
RA, Gyumri City -3126, Ani district, 11th street, 5/2, tel. +374 312 6 64 07
 On the envelope should be the "100years old Triumphant Rings" note.
The authors of creative works in each age group will be awarded with diplomas and prizes.
There will also be encouraging gifts for the best works.
Within the framework of the program, a screening of the best works will be organized in Sardarapat Armenian National Museum of Ethnography and Liberation and in Gyumri.
Sent items will not be returned.
The works should be without a framework.
  Directorate 05.02.2017թ.