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Аgain victories in Japan

  Drawing group pupils of «Endanik» Youth Creative Center 10-year-old Hovsep Tolbakyan and 14-year-old Anna Mkrtchyan were awarded with Kanagawa prize of the 20th International Children's Art Exhibition.   
 The works have been sent to Kanagawa province yet in October 2018. This was the first attempt for the students to participate in this prestigious international competition, which was crowned with success. 
 The adolescents did their first drawing steps in "Endanik" center's drawing group at Arthur Muradyan's classroom.             
 The works of Hovsep Tolbakyan "Happy Travelling" and Anna Mkrtchyan's "Song of Nature", where the pupils have expressed the idea of living together in peace and harmony with the children of the world, have attracted the attention of an international strict jury.        
The aim of this international exhibition was to promote the development of young creators’ creativity and to contribute to the realization of their cherished dreams by using the force of art. It also aimed to discover the new talents, as well as to create a cultural bridge between different countries. 
It should be noted that around 27,599 works from 92 countries of the world were presented at the exhibition and only 350 of them were awarded by Kanagawa prize.
To evaluate the value of the winners, it worth to present the results of our neighboring and other countries which participated in this competition. Turkey has received 2 prizes, France, 4 and Germany 1 work. From Japan to our small country will be sent 5 prizes, 2 of which to "Endanik" center. 
 H. Sargsyan