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About Us

 “Endanik” Youth Creative Center SNCO (in Gyumri) was founded in 1991 and aims to solve the problems of teenagers from Gyumri. The aim of the center is to fulfill additional teaching and educational function, by organizing the free time of youth and creating conditions to develop their interests, to build up their spiritual, creative abilities, aesthetic, physical, patriotic and military education, to give them knowledge about ecology and applied sciences. The Center creates conditions to develop schoolchildren’s preferences and abilities, to prevent deviation in their behavior, to strengthen and maintain their health. The activities of the Center are based on the principles of democracy, humanism combining both national and universal values, free person development, self-government and secular education. The main objectives of the organization is to develop children’s (up to 18) creative abilities and to secure their professional employment by the education and creative work done in the art and crafts circles. to secure children’s religious, aesthetic, ecological and physical education taking into consideration their needs, interests, inclinations and abilities. to create favorable conditions for choosing profession to assist in the psychological restoration of teenagers, to develop their creative abilities and to help them overcome their daily difficulties. to organize and create appropriate conditions for children’s rest and entertainment to strengthen and confirm the knowledge obtained in the school, the mutual relations between their knowledge and the practical abilities and to develop students’ practical skills and abilities. to mould comprehensively and harmoniously developed person brought up by the soul of patriotism, statehood and philanthropy.