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The students of painting and batik groups studied the meaning and influence of colors in psychology and painting art with the help of the group leader while preparing for the exhibition titled "Planet of Colors". They studied the color wheel consisting of primary, secondary and... Read more


The students of the radio electronics group of "Endanik" center demonstrated their multi-functional robots at the open lesson entitled "Role and importance of robotics and communication means in the country's economy". The young people also presented the techniques of development of... Read more


In "Endanik" ... Read more


In the open lesson entitled "IT sector as a... Read more



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On the occasion of one of the brightest holidays of June, the International Day for the Protection of Children's Rights, the students of the "Endanik" Center held a colorful event in the yard of St. Hakob... Read more


Heghine Kushkyan, the editor-in-chief of the "Horizon" news agency, who has more than three decades of experience and mastery in the field, presented to the students of the media literacy, creative journalism, philanthropy and speech... Read more


On May 30, the students of English group of “Endanik" center spoke in an open lesson ... Read more


"Strong is the nation that has strong families"

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"The unattainable ideal in chess is to play flawlessly. It is the desire to act flawlessly that attracts the most in this game. Perhaps at the height of their power, grandmasters sometimes play flawlessly, but in other stages of creativity, mistakes are... Read more