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“Endanik” center. 2018-2019 report of the academic year

From June 27 to July 10 was summarized the results and achievements of the students of “Endanik” Youth Creative Center in 2018-2019 academic year.
About 1467 students from 31 professional groups operating in the center presented and demonstrated their abilities and skills during the organized exhibitions, concerts, art shows, theatrical performances, which were highly appreciated by the executives, representatives of the arts and crafts and parents. Students’ knowledge was also checked through quizzes.
During the academic year, center’s students have participated in numerous international and republican competitions, tournaments, regional and city events showing significant results and getting numerous diplomas, certificates, medals and Grand Prix awards.
In the presented works and performances it was significant the results of the day-to-day, diligent, responsible, consistent work of teachers and students.  Words of appreciation and gratitude were extended to the management of the center and the staff for their dedicated efforts, educational work with the students, professional knowledge of the teenagers and their great contribution to strengthening the further professional orientation.
During the events, director Arthur Minasyan, summing up the results of the academic year, highlighted the role of extracurricular education in the multifaceted development and aesthetic education of students. He also thanked the parents for always maintaining the parent-center-student connection and wished the teachers and students new achievements and success. The school director awarded the students who made progress during the school year and handed certificates to the students who mastered the curriculum.
S. Sahakyan