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“Endanik” SNCO educational programme in Shirak region’s rural communities

On April 15, “Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport launched the "Endanik on Wheels” named an educational programme. This year's programme targets Shirak's highland, remote, and borderline rural communities: Dzorashen, Musayelyan, Anipemza, Ani station, Lernakert, Pemzashen, Zorakert, Amasia, Bandivan, as well as Gyumri’s public schools.
The aim of the programme is to identify the preferred professions of arts and crafts in the communities, to promote the dissemination and preservation of national crafts and arts, to guide teenagers in vocational guidance and to help them identify their abilities as well as to highlight the role of extracurricular education in the comprehensive and harmonious development of teenagers. 
The professionals and talented students of the center shared their experience, knowledge and skills with communites' educators and teens. The latter were excited and enthusiastic, with great interest and expectation participated in various branches of the arts and crafts: classes in painting, beadwork, pottery, carpet weaving, needlework, tapestry, batik, stained glass, woodworking, radioelectronics, martial arts, dancing. Together with the teenagers, the teachers also took part in practical master classes. The participants of the project had the opportunity to expand their interests, discover their preferences and abilities. Many of them were first introduced to various professions in the arts and crafts. According to teenagers and educators,  there is a problem in the communities with the employment and self-expression of children. In this regard, the necessity of conducting such programmes in the communities was proved. The desire and suggestion of the schoolchildren was one - to have a continuous program that would ensure their targeted employment.
“Yours today's visit has caused great interest among the students. They were happy to attend the classes. As a teacher, I highly appreciate the organization of such visits which help with the professional orientation and development of aesthetic taste. It would be pleasure to have such visits on a frequent basis. Thank you for the involvement and atteentionyou paid towards our community” -  the teacher of Dzorashen secondary school Narine Martirosyan expressed her opinion.
It should be noted that the 1st phase of the program will be continued until May the 10th.