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“Endanik” SNCO. Open lesson and exhibition entitled "The Power of Art"

An open lesson-exhibition entitled "The Power of Art" was held on November 29 at “Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education and Science with participation of students from carpet weaving, silversmithing, woodworking and computer training groups. 
The aim of the event was to arouse interest in ancient Armenian crafts, to emphasize the role and significance of crafts in the preservation of the culture. Before watching the exhibition, the students of the groups provided interesting and meaningful information about their professions: the useful properties of silver, the importance of silver jewelry in the Armenian court, the art of ornamental carving in wood art, the peculiarities of hand-mechanized carvings, the symbols of Armenian carpets and rugs were presented. In addition to the information provided on the specifics of each craft, the computer training team prepared a slide. The students of the above-mentioned groups received certificates for active participation in the event. The attendees watched the exhibition, highly appreciated the result of the students' creative thinking, and the performance skills. The parents thanked the management and staff of “Endanik” SNCO for organizing their children's extracurricular activities and providing favorable conditions.
N. Martirosyan