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Summer rest

Summer camp “Arbaniak” of “Endanik”Charitable NGO  is situated in the picturesque nature of Vanadzor (a city in Armenia).  There are 3 building with 8 rooms in each one in the camp. There are 12-14 beds in each room and besides, 4 rooms with 2-5 beds in it, a canteen with 130 places and a kitchen. The buildings are one-stored, light, large and comfortable, are well erected and well furnished for summer rest. The camp is supplied with permanent cold and hot water. Twenty-four-hour medical service and the necessary medicine are available in the camp. The beneficiaries of the summer camp are special needs and economically disadvantaged children. Since 1998 “Endanik” Charitable NGO  carries out summer rest program by collaborating with other organizations. During the project different trips are organized to such sightseeing of Lori Region as Dsegh, Kobair, Odzun, Sanahin, Haghpat, Akhtala etc. There are also organized individual and team sport games and competitions, hand works, religious and art festivals. The aims of the summer camp are: to create conditions for teenagers to have a rest in the best way, to contribute  children’s physical development and healthy mode of life through games and trips, to include children with special difficulties in the program and develop the sense of care, equality and attention in healthy children towards them to contribute to the development of mental outlook through different discussions and topics, to contribute to the development of ecological self-conscience, to preserve the nature and keep it clean.