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Open lesson “My heart is in the highlands"

On November 23, an open lesson dedicated to William Saroyan entitled "My heart is in the highlands" was held in "Endanik" Children and Youth Creative center. The students of the center's English group meaningfully presented the famous American-Armenian playwright, novelist, and writer William Saroyan. The goal and task of the open class was to form and develop communication skills, to use the professional knowledge acquired during practical classes in oral speech, to create an interdisciplinary connection with literature. The students of English group, together with the Web programming group, prepared an informative slide show in native language and in English about William Saroyan's life and literary world. Before presenting it, the audience watched the movie "My heart is in the highlands" by film maker Hamo Beknazaryan, then the students talked about the life and creative path of the famous writer in Armenian and English. Referring to William Saroyan's well-known works in theater art, the students also organized a viewing of the theater performance "My heart is in the highlands". Then they talked about the latter's human manifestations and dignity. With special emphasis, they brought up the longing of Armenians for their homeland, taking Saroyan's character as a vivid example. "Wherever an Armenian lives, in whatever conditions he lives, his dream is to return to his homeland. The mind of a great Armenian is where he lives, and his heart is in his native mountains." Eliza Frangulyan, head of the artistic department of the center, expressed her opinion about the procedure, content and preparation of the students.