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Professional classes of gifted students pedagogues of "Endanik" Center in Kaps secondary school of Shirak region

"As an artist, I belong to French art, but in all my works I will certainly remain Armenian. After all, we are all the fragments of our people. ”

Jean Garzou

The secondary school of Kaps community of Shirak region is one of the Francophones. For French-speaking students, the professional classes of the gifted students of  "Endanik" Center were an opportunity to exchange best practices.

The French-speaking students were fluent in conversations in French, they participated in the presentation of stories about the historical and cultural and national values ​​of France, as well as diplomatic relations between Armenia and France, and Francophonie. "Endanik" Center

hosted Petros Varvaryan, an Armenian jeweler living in the United States. The latter expressed a desire to participate in professional classes held in the communities within the framework of the program. Contacting the community, following the drawing lessons of the center's talented students, Petros Varvaryan expressed his enthusiasm for the talent of students interested in art. Petros Varvaryan mentioned that the specialists of the center transfer their acquired knowledge to their peers in a special way and perceive art in a different way. The head of the center's folk dance group, Murad Torosyan, introduced the dance skills to the students of Kaps secondary school. Pupils and students of the Center completed the professional lessons dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and France and to the 115th anniversary of the world-famous French-Armenian painter Jean Garzou.