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““Endanik” on the wheels” conclusion of the educational program

On May 14, the “Endank” on the wheels educational program was summed up at “Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center.
This year the program included high, remote and borderline rural communities of Shirak marz: Dzorashen, Musayelyan, Anipemza, Ani station, Lernakert, Pemzashen, Zorakert, Amasia, Bandivan communities as well as Gyumri’s number 8, 23, 31 public schools.
The purpose of the project was to identify preferred professions in the sphere of art and craft in rural communities, to promote the dissemination and preservation of national arts and crafts , to guide teens in vocational guidance and to identify their abilities highlighting the role of extracurricular education.
In the first phase of the educational program, April 15 to May 7 there were held extracurricular activities for the teachers of the above mentioned communities as well as "Professional orientation" lessons for teenagers. The lessons were organized in a variety of professions to suit the interests of adolescents such as painting, beadwork, pottery, carpet weaving, needlework, tapestry, batik, stained glass, woodcarving, radioelectronics, martial arts, dance. The schoolchildren participated in trainings with great enthusiasm and interest.
In the final event was attended by administration of “Endanik” center, the pedagogical community, high schools directors of participating communities, representatives, teachers, teenagers as well as parents and pupils of the center.
The attendees watched the displaying of joint works made by the Center's students and community-based adolescents as a result of the “Professional Orientation classes”.  It was a great pleasure to see teenagers from all communities participating in the program in one place.
At the solemn part of the event, Director of “Endanik” Center, Arthur Minasyan, summed up the program and presented facts about the effectiveness of the educational program and the positive feedback from the communities. The Director of the Center also touched upon the importance of extracurricular education which is considered a necessary factor for adolescents’ comprehensive development and harmonious provision of education.
At the end of the speech Arthur Minasyan congratulated and thanked the principals and representatives of the participating schools for their cooperation and handed them letters of gratitude. Students of the "Endanik" Center and community teenagers were also awarded for active participation in the educational program.
The event concluded with artistic performances by students of the "Endanik" Center, Gyumri Secondary Schools and Communities.
H. Sargsyan