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“Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center. A prayer and blessing to the memory of one and a half million innocent victims.

On April 24, “Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center organized a "Demand for Justice" event dedicated to the memory of Genocide’s innocent victims, as well as pilgrimage and the worldwide dissemination of radio information.
The council of the day united the pilgrims with deep sorrow over the "Renaissance" monument to the victims of the genocide. The center’s pedagogues and students honored the memory of the holy martyrs with a minute of silence, prayed to the God and laid flowers at the memorial commemorating the Armenian Genocide.
After the symbolic event of honor, during the day “Endanik” center’s students of the Radiocommunication group contacted with radio enthusiasts from all over the world in English and Russian using EK8XX signal under the control of supervisors S. Eremyan and R. Heqimyan. Once again informed Turkey of the crime committed against Armenians in 1915 and declared: "We remember the genocide and demand it". The signal will be continued until April 28. Young generation must know the history of its country, be demanding and fight for justice…