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Art of dancing

The program is assigned for the teenagers of 5 to 18 ages.
The duration of the learning is 2 years.
There must be from 8 to 15 pupils in the group.
The form of learning may be in group or individually.
The duration of studies is 45 minutes for 1 lesson, from 6 to 8 classes weekly.
The learning process is realized through the combination of theoretical and practical classes.
The dancing hall is mirrored, it is provided with rods intended for dance, benches, musical instruments / piano, drum, accordion/ and modern musical instruments.   
The learning of the art of dancing is presented to pupils with typical variety of colors and rich history of the art of dancing. The pupils learn the stages, styles, genres, structural forms, the peculiarities in different phases of the historical development of the art of dancing, they get acquainted with artistic values of the Armenian culture, with folklore dances and traditions, with the roots of national dances.  
The dance group of the center regularly takes part in local and republican different art-cultural events and festivals.
Reporting concerts are organized for the parents of the pupils.
The result of the learning:
The recognition of cultural values of the art of dancing and of folklore traditions.
The correct and literate usage of dancing moves in dance performances.
The development of creative and organizational capacities in the field of dance.
The revelation of talented pupils.
The stimulation of the patriotic upbringing.
The obtaining of the right choice of profession.
The appropriate and effective organization of the everyday life.