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Ara Project

Since 2006 the collaboration with American “Ara Project” Beneficiary Organization gave the opportunity to many children with special needs and the children from economically disadvantaged families to spend their summer holidays in the camp “Arbaniak” in Vanadzor. Due to the devoted work of the committee of “Ara Project” Easter and Christmas parties for the children of “Endanik” Center are organized in the center . There are also organized individual sponsorship programs for the needy children.


French Beneficiary Organization SPFA has collaborated with “Endanik” NGO and assisted it in many programs since 1990. Per year it contributed to the development of arts and crafts educational groups’ activities by providing them with the necessary materials, equipments and tools (partly). Together with “Endanik” NGO SPFA carries out the following programs:

  • Summer rest program for the children from economically disadvantaged and large families in the camp “Arbaniak” belonging to “Endanik” NGO (in Vanadzor).
  • The program “Pleasure of Reading” for the infants who attend the center.

Twice a year   visit of French tourists  is organized to “Endanik” center. It aims to introduce Armenian national arts and crafts to them by the creative works done by Armenian children. SPFA contributed to the teaching of  French language and to creating of “French Library” as well.


Since 1998 till 2005 KASA Swiss Humanitarian Organization took part in the heating program of “Endanik” center’s building. In 2003 it contributed to carry out the design works of the half-finished building, to the erection of its roof and of terrain walls of the half-finished building donated to the organization by the Marzpetaran of Shirak Region.

Mission enfance

The collaboration with the French Humanitarian Organization “Mission Enfance” has begun since 1993. In the process of enlarging the purposeful work and the activities of “Endanik” Center (in Gyumri after the tragic earthquake), its important role had the organization “Mission Enfance”, which carried out programs for the teenagers from Gyumri. They touched upon two important spheres: education and health. Since 1993 until today the organization carries out individual sponsorship programs for about 120 children and students.

Donors of Constructional Projects

Since 1990 “Endanik” Charitable NGO  carried out its activities in the wooden building which was to be used contemporarly for about two years. During the years it was worn out not only physically but also morally and it did correspond to the needs of the organization. Recognizing the importance of “Endanik” Youth Creative Center, the Government of Armenia donated a half-finished building and totally 6000 sq. m to build an educational center for youth. This decision was made on the 10th of January 2001 and was made official through agreement 15, signed July 11, 2002. In 2008 by the undertaking of the constructor of French Beneficiary Organization SPFA and the benefactor from France by Armenian origin – Jacques Matossian, the erection of the half-finished building of “Endanik” Center begun. In the process their contributions have had:

  • Swiss “Armenianos” Foundation under the direction of the president - Jacques Hochstaetter.
  • An individual benefactor - Alain Kayayan.
  • An individual benefactor - Azniv Arslanyan from Lebanon by Armenian origin.

In October, 2008 about 40 % of the half erected building (“Ani” District, 11th st., 5a) was put into operation and the Organization “Endanik” continued its activities in the new building. We invite all the organizations interested to assist the completion of the center’s building, which will serve for the development of youth from Gyumri.


JMF (Jinishian Memorial Foundation) together with “Endanik” Charitable NGO carried out the following programs: In 2003 teaching of “Rug Making” and “Wood Carving” for the children who attend “Endanik” Center. In 2005 teaching of “Silversmithing”, “Sculpture”, National Clothes”, “Carpet Making” and “Cloth Design” for the children from Gyumri. The above mentioned programs are aimed to develop the abilities of the children from economically disadvantaged families through professional education conferring upon them professional skills and preparing them to be competent in the job market further. Besides educational programs JMF contributed to the “Summer Rest” program of the Organization and to the celebrations organized in the center as well.

Peace Corps

Since 1997  the collaboration with US Peace Corps has been long lasting and useful in the education and teaching process for teenagers from Gyumri. The courses of “English Teaching” and “Business Classes” carried out by the volunteers will help the participants to use the obtained knowledge in daily life. In the research room of “Endanik” Center functions “English Library” after the volunteers Schindlers.


“Endanik” Charitable NGO also collaborates with IRD, UMCOR and ARDA Beneficiary Foundation, which, through periodical humanitarian aid, help the children who attend the center.