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Demonstration performance of martial arts

In "Endanik" Children's and Youth Creative Center a demonstration performance of the martial arts group was held. Before preparing for the fights, joint classes and individual trainings were held in the center: the head of the All-Armenian Kyokushinkai Budo Karate Federation, Edik Sargsyan, Vice-president Artashes Papoyan, coach Robert Mkhitaryan with their athletes. The joint class-training is also an exchange of best practices, as a result of which the students discovered new secrets of the sport, learned different techniques of hitting. The competition master class conducted by Edik Sargsyan was also binding for the center's black belt 2nd dan coach Sargis Vardanyan, any combined training gives its positive result. Demonstration performances were equipped with duels presenting various tricks, acrobatic movements, special martial arts exercises (tameshivari). The performance is also a test for the students; the best athletes will form a collective team that will participate in the national and international championships. Demonstration speech contributed to the interest in eastern martial arts, kyokushinkai karate, physical training, strengthened the skills acquired by the students.