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"Endanik" Center. Participation in the Pan-Armenian Flash mob "Come, Dance Kochari"

On May 25, “Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center following the call of the project "Come, Dance Kochari" also joined the pan-Armenian flash mob. Students of the Center's folk dances and dance groups united around the idea of dancing the triumphant “kochari”.
The idea of implementing this pan-Armenian flashmob belongs to Glenoble's House of Armenian Culture, which is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of two Armenian music and language giants - Komitas and Hovhannes Tumanyan.
The dance teachers and students of the “Endanik” Center danced Carno Kochari and Komitas' Shoror according to the terms of Flashmob, expressing the unity, endurance and invincible spirit of the Armenians.
S. Hakobyan