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"Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education and Science, Culture and Sport of the RA at the city event of Carnival

Today the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Carnival. It is the holiday of the week before Lent, which is celebrated with feasts, mass games, competitions, plays, dances, etc. The church holiday was celebrated with great pomp in Gyumri as well.

National song-music, dances and festivities, this is how the holiday was celebrated in the historical core of the city, Abovyan Avenue.

Carnival means a good life. It is a day of joy and rejoicing, reminiscent of the paradise life of Adam and Eve, when they lived in pleasure and carefree. The holiday has a symbol of welcoming the awakening nature and entertaining people. People wish each other well.

The street was full of festive mood, in separate pavilions the children's creative groups showed the works of their students.

The unique, original works of the students of the applied art groups of "Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education and Science,Culture and Sport  of the RA did not leave any passer-by indifferent.

Mayor Vardges Samsonyan expressed his admiration for the students' work.

"Your students have done so many interesting and beautiful works. I suggest displaying these wonderful works in museums. These works really remind of museum specimens," said Gyumri Mayor Vardges Samsonyan.

The students passed on the care of the holiday, the folk traditions to the guests. The young actors of the Center's theatrical art group presented the All-Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan's Carnival through a performance.

Mass games, competitions and Armenian folk and national dance numbers conveyed a happy mood to the students of the dance group. They danced together, wishing each other life and a good life.