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"Endnaik" center: participation in the event "Wake up Masis, an Armenian is coming" dedicated to ASALA

On January 20, "Endanik" Youth Creative Center's children of duduk group and the national folk song and dance group leader Karen Atoyan participated in the event entitled "Wake up Masis, an Armenian is coming" dedicated to the 44th anniversary of the foundation of Armenian Secret Army for the liberation of Armenia /ASALA/. 
The goal of the event was to introduce to the audience the purpose of ASALA's creation, to make recognizable all the fighters, who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the homeland. It also aimed to encourage the participants with the patriotic spirit of the heroes.  Fighters of ASALA, "Endanik" center's teachers, freedom fighters and the representatives of other educational spheres participated in the event.   
The organizers presented the procedure, which took place at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the activities of the founder of ASALA Hakob Hakobyan, the godfather Gurgen Janikyan and the other heroes.       
According to the slideshow «Endanik» Center's duduk group children performed "I heard a sweet voice". Karen Atoyan performed the military-patriotic song "Zartir, lao". It was symbolic for ASALA fighters as it was performed during the "Van" action's verdict of ASALA in Paris.     
At the end of the event Gohar Badasyan thanked the director of "Endanik" center for the cooperation and the assistance.  She presented the participants the book "Explosions in Turkey and Not Only" by Kamo Vardanyan dedicated to ASALA. 
H. Sargsyan