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"The name of one of the most famous painters of the twentieth century in the French reality is Jean Garzou. If you do not look at his works in detail, it will be difficult to realize that the bearer of this French-sounding name is an Armenian. ”

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On April 7, an open lesson-event entitled "Beauty and the frontier of fashion" was held at "... Read more


An open lesson entitled "The Greats of English Literature" took place on March 30 at "Endanik" Children and Youth Creativ... Read more


The coach of the Pan-Armenian Kyokushinka Budo Karate Federation, Robert Mkhitaryan, held a master class with the students of the "Endanik" MPS Center martial arts group. Coaches Sargis Vardanyan and Robert Mkhitaryan introduced the students to Eastern martial arts skills, secrets and fighting tricks. The students... Read more


"All kinds of art serve the greatest of arts, the art of living on the E... Read more


For 11 years now, the "Renaissance" International Festival has been uniting creative groups of educational and cultural institutions of Armenia and abroad. The annual "Renaissance" International Song and Dance Concert Festival was held on March 12 in Yerevan Young Audience Theater. The dance group of the "Endanik... Read more


Today the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Carnival. It is the holiday of the week before Lent, which is celebrated with feasts, mass games, competitions, plays, dances, etc. The church holiday was celebrated with great pomp in Gyumri as well.

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"There are things that are eternally worshiped - God, Homeland, Mother, about which a human being, if not spiritually darkened, can not speak without religious respect. Our people without patriotism is like a body without a soul. We must be patriotic. "

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The message of peace from the lips of children to the world. The New Year event at the "Endanik" center for the children from Artsakh.

A colorful stage, a fun theatrical performance for a small audience, and the audience is more than a hundred displaced Artsakh students attending various clubs of the "Endanik" MPS Center. To... Read more


On January 19, 2021, the students of "Endanik... Read more