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An open lesson entitled "The Greats of English Literature"

An open lesson entitled "The Greats of English Literature" took place on March 30 at "Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center with the participation of the students of English language group. The aim of the open lesson was to present the works, recognition and fame of the famous writers of English literature, George Byron and Jane Austen, to instill in teenagers love for the most famous works of English literature, to promote the development of English oral speech, to enrich vocabulary.

The students at first provided brief biographical information about Jane Austen, then presented Austin's creative path, revealed his literary style and the peculiarities of his works.

Then the students introduced George Byron's special attitude towards the Armenian language. They recited Byron's love songs with great enthusiasm.

The open lesson gave the students opportunity to study the works of the greats of English literature, to be interested in their literary path, to read and discover other authors of foreign literature, as well as to share their knowledge with the audience.