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On September 16, the official opening ceremony of the training kitchen and youth entertainment hall took place in Gyumri Craftsman State School No. 4. 

On September 16, the official opening ceremony of the training kitchen and youth entertainment hall took place in Gyumri Crafstman  State School No. 4, which is dedicated to the memory of the martyred students of  "Endanik" Center during the 44-day war.

At the same time, the 30th anniversary of  "Endanik"  SNCO center was celebrated.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Zhanna Andreasyan, representatives of the city and regional authorities, many guests from abroad - the General Director of "Œuvre d'Orient", Bishop Pascal Golnish, Director of Operations Vincen Cayol, Project Manager Eglantine Gabe Iale, parents and relatives, students participating in the war.

At the beginning of the event, Knarik Aharonyan, headmaster of "Endanik" Charitable Organization, Director of Gyumri Crafstman State School No. 4, presented the 31-year activity of the organization, the programs implemented in cooperation with the French "Œuvre d'Orient" organization.


Arthur Minasyan,  headmaster of "Endanik" Center, mentioned that the center has taken on the implementation of extracurricular education throughout the region, thanks to various events and programs, including about seventy communities.

Zhanna Andreasyan,  Deputy Minister of Education and Science, made a speech during the event, noting that as a result of the center's activities, we have dignified, patriotic citizens of the homeland who are able to show their talents. We saw "different" amazing works of art on the walls of the institution, on the shop windows. There was something to look at from every angle, which proves that professional skills are revealed and developed here. "We saw how professional activity becomes a public good," said Mrs. Andreasyan.

 During the event, the parents of  heroes of the center were awarded, as well as the teachers and students who took part in the war.

 On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of  "Endanik" Center, the Ministry of Education and Science awarded letters of gratitude to seven pedagogues of the center for long-term  pedagogical activity, and Svetlana Petrosyan, Deputy Director for Educational and Administrative Affairs, was awarded a medal by the Ministry.

The Ministry awarded letters of thanks to Bishop Pascal Golnish, Director General of the Œuvre d’Orient Organization, Vincen Cayol, Director of Operations, and Eglantine Gabe-Iale, Project Manager, for their support of the Armenian people during the 44-day war in 2020.

It should be noted that the construction of the training canteen was carried out on the initiative of the "Endanik" charitable non-governmental organization, with the main funding of the French "Œuvre d'Orient" organization, as well as with the support of the Swiss "Cédric Martin" foundation, other Chabugyan family and other benefactors.

Modern kitchen furniture with innovative solutions is implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) ,United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

By the way, the educational kitchen will serve to organize the practical work of 50 students studying in the dual educational system of the college, specializing in "Culinary art ". Moreover, the latter receive the necessary food for their practical training, which is given to students and pupils after becoming  ready product.