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Staging of the story "Gikor" and the fairy tale "Unlucky Panos"

 Within the framework of events entitled "Master of a Magical Pen" dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Hovhannes Toumanyan, a theatrical performance based on the story "Gikor" took place on April 1, in "Endanik" Youth Creative Center. 
 The directorate of the center, pedagogues, parents and pupils were present at the event.  
The performance began with the dialogue between Hambo and Gikor, about moving from the village to the city, about becoming a good man. It followed the scene where Gikor started his work at Bazaz Artem.    
The presence of stage director who embodied Bazaz Artem in the stage was very impressive. It inspired the pupils greatly to be self-confident.  
 Gikor's longing for his native village and family was also impressive and emotional. He was unable to show himself in the city which brought to his tragic death. 
On April 3, center’s theatrical group's students, guided by the idea of "Fairy tale is the best way for bringing up a person," performed the fairy tale "Unlucky Panos". 
The pupils who embodied Tumanyan's heroes, staged an unembarrassed and impressive game. The pupils of the theatrical group were able to transmit Tumanyan’s breath to the audience.  
The audience watched the performances with great attention and expressed their admiration with warm applauses.  
H. Sargsyan