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Charitable NGO “ENDANIK”

Charitable NGO “Endanik”
The president –Knarik Aharonyan (The candidate of Psychological Science)
Counsel members
Arthur Minasyan
Svetlana Petrosyan 
Murad Torosyan
Supervisory committee members
Anahit Manukyan
Sona Sahakyan
Murad Torosyan

Volunteers – 35 teachers and the service staff (11 members)Founded in 1990, Charitable NGO “ENDANIK” was one of the first organizations in Gyumri, which endeavored to solve the problems of youth after the tragic earthquake.  

   The mission of the organization is:

  • to assist in the psychological restoration of youth, orphans and special needs children from economically disadvantaged and large families.
  • to develop their creative abilities.
  • to create conditions for choosing a profession.
  • to contribute to the maintenance of national crafts and of the ancient and rich Armenian cultural heritage.
  • to assist the families of children with special needs both morally and financially.
  • to include handicapped children (with different cases of illnesses) in the educational groups.
  • to avoid further unemployment by using the obtained professional skills and abilities, as well as the knowledge obtained during business classes. 
  • to help them overcome the daily difficulties.
  • to organize children’s summer rest in the camp “Arbaniak” in Vanadzor.
  • to organize different exhibitions, art, national and religious celebrations.   


The love and aspiration for arts and crafts will breathe a fresh air into the younger generation and will contribute to reserving, discovering and developing the exceptional values inherited to us from centuries.   
By taking into consideration the fact of present social-economical conditions (crisis, unemployment, lack of jobs) in Armenia and especially in Gyumri, it becomes much more important to give teenagers professional education corresponding to the requirements of the time.  

The Organization has a rich experience in carrying out different educational programs. The teaching of several professions will give the opportunity to solve the social problems by taking into consideration usage of local recourses and creating job opportunities without huge and special investments.    

  In 1991 the Ministry of Enlightenment of the RA together with the Charitable NGO “ENDANIK” founded “Endanik” Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia. /Detailes in “Endanik” Youth Creative Center SNCO/.

Since 2009 charitable NGO “Endanik” together with the Ministry of Education and Science founded “Gyumri number 4 Craftsman State College” SNCO, the aim of which is to prepare qualified specialists and craftsmen, who coincide with the modern time demands.  /Details in