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On the 22nd of June in the Ministry of SE of ''Endanik'' Youth Creative Centre with the Enterprise Union Information Technology initiatives and with the support of UCOM, an Engineering Laboratory was opened. The classroom of radio electronics and robotics in the centre was supplemented with the latest technological equipment / high-quality... Read more

In 2013 from October 27th to 30th, within the scope of the program “Artsakh Liberation War 25” organized by “Endanik... Read more

The golden register of the relationship between Armenia and Georgia, relationship which comes from ancient times, was decorated with one more beautiful episode: spiritual unity, relationship of centuries, brotherhood relations….

The contest festival was held in the frame of solemn celebrations in the capital of Georgia, dedicated to Saint... Read more

“Endanik” youth creative center of Gyumri in the frame of the program entitled “The silent witnesses of history” held seminar-discussions on “Genocide”, “The preservation of monuments", “International days of monuments and places of interests dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first world war” according to... Read more
February 7 was a special day for the town. In the territory of Mother Armenia memorial complex in Gyumri the traditional celebration of “Winter of Gyumri”  was held, which coincided with the actual church Carnival holiday this year.
The event had joined….
The event brought together high-ranking city... Read more

                                                                                      “The family is one of the nature wonders”
... Read more

The Army's self-recognition of a nation in a mirror, the birth of all Armenians, the collective character of the nation, her responsibility, revaluation of its history, and outlook to the future.                                                                                                         ... Read more

The illuminator of Haghpat, my  Sayat-Nova,

            I have not an oil to burn even my one lamp.  

There was the festival of spiritual unity on 26th of July, in place which is the glory and pride of the Armenians, in Monastery of Haghpat, place which has no language, but... Read more

The events devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide go on in the Ministry of SE of the RA “Endanik” youth creative center of Gyumri.  
From November 2 to 5 in the center took place the exhibition of the best works of the creative contest entitled “The color of the pain”. 
Among the exhibits... Read more
The Ministry of SE of ''Endanik'' Youth Creative Centre this time has registered another victory the achievement was pupils of robotics group. On April 16 in Yerevan Expo Centre by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises and with the support of "U com" company was hold the final stage... Read more