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After 44-day war, many cultural institutions of the Republic of Artsakh continued their creative work in Armenia, being next to their compatriots from Artsakh.

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  "Dance expresses the characteristic features of each nation, especially the manners and level of civilization."

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The students of the French language group of "Endanik" Youth... Read more


The fashion of different nations on one platform, the students of the clothing design group of  "Entanik" center, dedicated to the feast of the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin Mariam, showed their hand-sewn clothes. Through a video slide, they presented the features of the brands created by the influential businesswomen of the world, the... Read more


The period of fifty days from Holy Easter to Epiphany is called Hinunk or Hinants period, that is, 50 days dedicated to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Like the Sundays of the Great Lent period, the 7 Sundays of the Ancient One are also named by the calendar of  Armenian Apostolic Church with separate names: New Sunday or Double Easter,... Read more


The Armenian theater, which has a history of thousands years, based on the artistic understanding of life, enriches the inner world of a person and forms an aesthetic taste. This branch of art has been a constant companion of the historical course of the Armenian people for centuries. The mission has remained the same for all times, it is the... Read more


What is hair, what factors of heredity are associated with hair loss and scalp problems? About these and other important topics, the students of the hairdressing art group of the center held a multi-content open lesson... Read more


"Reading a book is like entering the sea, your head will spin from the infinity of the sea, you will suddenly feel the presence of eternity in you, you will surrender to the elements."

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Festive events dedicated to New Year and Christmas were organized for the 6-10, 11-13 and 14-18 age groups in "Endanik" Children's and Youth Creative Center of RA. On December 23, 24 and 26, a festive event titled "Winter Tale" was held for the Center and Artsakh students displaced from Artsakh and sheltered in Gyumri. The festive event began... Read more