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The message of peace from the lips of children to the world. The New Year event at the "Endanik" center for the children from Artsakh.

A colorful stage, a fun theatrical performance for a small audience, and the audience is more than a hundred displaced Artsakh students attending various clubs of the "Endanik" MPS Center. To... Read more


On January 19, 2021, the students of "Endanik... Read more


On December 12, the final round of the 13th Armenian Self-Managing Robot Championship, entitled "Smart City", took place at the Olimpavan Center.


... Read more


On December 5  at “Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of RA another project summarized entitled ... Read more


On December 4 at “Endanik” SNCO Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education Science and Sport  of RA summed up the "Endanik on Wheels " educational and cultural program. For about 9 years, the “Endanik” Center has been successfully implementing a program aimed at the professional orientation of adolescents, to discover their own potential in... Read more


Аn event entitled "Autumn Charm" was held with the participation of the students of the bead-making and clothing modeling groups of "Endanik" Youth Creative Center. The 47 students of the two groups made cultural speeches. The aim of the event was to give the participants a colorful autumn mood... Read more


"Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center in "Rafael Javakh" Educational and Cultural Youth Center of Ninotsminda ..... Read more


"Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center continues to hold educational and cultural events, master classes in the region and abroad ...

Within the framework of "Endanik on the Wheels" educational and cultural... Read more


Within the framework of  "Endanik on the Wheels" educational and cultural program, students and teachers of  Akhalkalak's  Youth Center were also involved in master classes conducted by the "Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center. The chain of cooperation between "Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center, Javakhk's  Youth Educational and Cultural Centers, has... Read more


The next cultural stop within the framework of  "Endanik on  the Wheels" educational and cultural program was in Gandza, in the house-museum of the great poet Vahan Teryan's native village. The students got acquainted with the poet's way of life inside the walls of the house. They also walked around the exhibition hall built next to the restored house, where the... Read more