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This year, with the support of  French Œuvre d'Orient organization,"Endanik" center organized an event dedicated to the New Year and Christmas holidays, in which children of families displaced from Artsakh, participants in the war, those who died in the war, and socially disadvantaged families participated. The event began with the Lord's... Read more


On November 23, an open lesson dedicated to William Saroyan entitled "My heart is in the highlands" was held in "... Read more


On February 11, 2022, the students of  "Endanik"  SNCO center took part in the 50th international children's and youth creative competition titled "Museum" in Lidice, Czech Republic, organized in cooperation with UNESCO.

... Read more


On November 11, "Endanik" Children and Youth Creative Center of Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and  Sport of the RA hosted the employees of Artsakh Republic's Children and Youth Creative Centers for the purpose of trial training. It was possible to implement the project with the efforts and initiative of the RA Ministry of Science,... Read more


On November 8, an active participant of "Endanik on wheels" educational and cultural program, the teenagers of  "Endanik" center and the communities of Shirak region /as an incentive/ made a cognitive visit to historical and cultural places of Aragatsotn... Read more


"Endanik" Children and Youth Creative center of center of  the Ministry of  Science Education, Culture and Sport of the RA summarized "Endanik on Wheels" educational and cultural program."Endanik" center has been successfully implementing a program aimed at the professional orientation of teenagers for about 10 years, to discover their own... Read more


The professional orientation and master classes of  "Endanik" children's and youth creative center started with a tribute ceremony in the border community of Gtashen. The teenagers of Gtashen secondary school and "Endanik" center honored the memory of the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the motherland in the... Read more


"Endanik" children's and youth creative center continues to conduct professional orientation master classes in border and mountain communities. The next stop of professional orientation master classes was in Sizavet community of Ashotsk region.

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Feedback on the effectiveness of the program, which has been implemented for years, proves that there is a need to fill the gap of extracurricular education in rural communities. Ensuring the full satisfaction and accessibility of additional educational works in the communities contributes to the identification of... Read more


The professional orientation and master classes of  "Endanik" children's and youth creative center were held in the border community of Bavra with great enthusiasm and a full work schedule. Skilled teachers of beadwork, embroidery, tapestry, carpet making, miniature painting, stained glass painting, and pottery of... Read more