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On March 20, "Endanik" Youth Creative Center of the Ministry of Education and Science held an open lesson dedicated to the 160th anniversary of Gusan Sheram.
The lesson aims to introduce Sheram's ashugh art, to value his... Read more
On March 18, an intellectual competition entitled "Torrent of Questions" dedicated to Francophonie was held in "Endanik" Youth Creative Center. The teams from "Endanik" center, Shirak State University, Gyumri primary school N10 and the College of Economics participated in the competition. ... Read more
  Drawing group pupils of «Endanik» Youth Creative Center 10-year-old Hovsep Tolbakyan and 14-year-old Anna Mkrtchyan were awarded with Kanagawa prize of the 20th International Children's Art Exhibition.   
You are sweet my land,                                                                     
There is no sweeter name than you,                                
 Within the framework of events entitled "The master of magic pen" on March 1 in "Endanik" Youth Creative Center was held the review of the cartoons shoot on Tumanyan's fairy-tales.   
Center's children under 12-year-olds... Read more
February 19 is the birthday of prominent poet Hovhannes Tumanyan. This day is celebrated in Armenia as the day of «Presenting a book» in his honor. 
Book-gathering and round-table discussion were organized in "Endanik"... Read more
On January 20, "Endanik" Youth Creative Center's children of duduk group and the national folk song and dance group leader Karen Atoyan participated in the event entitled "Wake up Masis, an Armenian is coming" dedicated to the 44th anniversary of the foundation of Armenian Secret... Read more
From December 24 to 26, New Year and Christmas events were held in "Endanik" Youth Creative Center.   
Festive atmosphere and New Year mood united the students of the center, the kids of other educational institutions, the parents and... Read more
 On December 21, took place a memorable event entitled "Mourning fire"dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Spitak disastrous earthquake with the participation of singing art group students.   
On December 19, the open lesson entitled "The more languages you know the more you are a person" was held in "Endanik" Center’s "Mesrobyan Alphabet" hall. 
The lesson was aimed to contribute to the development of English oral speech... Read more