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The program is assigned for the teenagers of 5 to 18 ages.
The duration of the learning is 2 years.
There must be from 10 to 16 pupils in the group.
The form of learning may be in group or individually.
The duration of studies is 45 minutes for 1 lesson, from 6 to 8 classes weekly.
The learning process is realized through the combination of theoretical and practical classes.
There are all the necessary conditions for the organization of the learning process in the classroom; the training chess on the wall, chesses of the table, professional literature and other things.
In the chess group the pupils learn the rules of the chess, attack, defense, registration of steps, the correct usage of the clock during the game.
They learn to make correct decisions before every step, to find ways of solving tasks, to analyze actions done during the game, to avoid the further mistakes, they get acquainted with tactical tricks, which help to development the logic.
The pupils regularly take part in local and republican tournaments, they show their knowledge during the open lessons.
The result of the learning:
The promotion of logic, the development of the creative thinking.
The development of the abilities of fighting till the end, being objective, assessing correctly, of orientation in complex situations and as well as the ability of suffering defeats with dignity. 
The obtaining of the middle and second levels of the chess knowledge.
The revelation of the talented pupils in this game.
The obtaining of the right choice of profession.
The appropriate and effective organization of the everyday life.