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Theatrical art

The program is assigned for the teenagers of 5 to 18 ages.
The duration of the learning is 2 years.
There must be from 10 to 15 pupils in the group.
The form of learning may be in group or individually.
The duration of studies is 45 minutes for 1 lesson, from 6 to 8 classes weekly.
The learning process is realized through practical classes.
There are favorable conditions and necessary items for learning the theatrical art in the center.
 The pupils of the theatrical art group learn the components of scenic, aesthetic and formal speech, rules of technical, logical reading, the skills of the character integrity, of  internal and external motivation, of expressing themselves on the stage, of communicating with the audience, of working with camera. 
The pupils of the group regularly perform episodes of tales, episodes from the life of famous people and on other training and upbringing themes.
The theatrical art teaches to the teenagers to differentiate between bad and good, to evaluate th beauty and assess the workers of art.
The result of the learning;
The obtaining of the knowledge about the theatrical art.
The obtaining of the abilities and skills of an actor. 
The development of the organizational abilities.
The obtaining of the right choice of profession.
The appropriate and effective organization of the everyday life.